Glasgow Nightlife – A Security Guide

In 2014, Glasgow was voted the UK’s most violent city. In the same year, we were also voted it’s friendliest. This statistic probably says more about the mixed feelings towards our fascinating city better than any tourist brochure or Visit Scotland advert ever could.

Glasgow has long divided opinion amongst visitors, who often compare the claustrophobic and busy city centre to Edinburgh’s Prince’s Street, an open stretch of popular high street shops that are lit up under the stunning castle and a jaw dropping selection of Georgian buildings.

But what Glasgow lacks in tourist-friendly architecture (at least in the city centre), it more than makes up for in character. Because no matter how fun your time in the capital city looks on your Instagram, you’ll still be in bed by midnight.

By midnight, Glasgow is just getting started. Most clubs don’t start filling up until around this time (the pubs stop selling alcohol at midnight) and the whole city comes alive with partygoers from all walks of life.

Heading for a night out in Glasgow might help you become fairly familiar with the city, but you probably won’t remember too much the morning after. As security workers, it’s our job to assess everything that’s happening around us, which is why our view of the nightlife is often far more insightful than anybody else’s. And strangely, most of the partying seems to take place in a very confined area of the city (if you’re a Glasgow local, you’ll already be well aware of this).

Unlike Edinburgh, where getting between clubs can require a hefty taxi fee, Glasgow has several concentrated areas where you’re never more than 10 feet away from some sort of sweaty rave. Sauchiehall Street is probably the best place to head if clubs are your cup of tea, and the only thing stopping you from visiting every club in the area is the expensive door prices.

Talking of sweaty raves, we’ve seen a few things that make you step back and reassess your life slightly. Things that are far too twisted, grotesque and inexplicably bizzare to even attempt to try and explain in this blog post. But despite a few shockers, the majority of people that we deal with during a shift are just out to have a good time, and aren’t looking to cause any trouble.

Like any city on a Saturday night, you see things that make you laugh and things that make you feel slightly ill. But, more than anything, you see things that make you realize what a great city Glasgow is. Whether it’s a drunk girl carrying her even drunker friend’s heels, or 2 mates sharing a kebab with one fork, human spirit is never more apparent in Glasgow than at 3am once the clubs have started to empty.

Despite what some people say about the city, nobody can deny that it has the best nightlife in Scotland, and possibly one of the best in the UK.

And it’s the locals that make it that way. Seeing drunk partygoers clumsily digging deep to give all of their kebab change to a shivering homeless guy is enough to convince you that, behind the bravado, Glasgow has a pretty big heart.




Houston Inn’s Music Festival

The guys at Cobra Security Scotland Ltd are once again pleased to be involved with the Houston Inn’s latest music festival – “The Sell Out”.

Coming on the heels of the summer rock festival, this time the guys and gals of Houston will be celebrating a day of all things Mod related, with non stop music, fun and food.

So if you fancy a trip down the nostalgic lane, and the likes of The Who, Quadrophenia and The Jam float your particular boat, or your just looking for a fun Sunday lunch with live entertainment, then pop along this Sunday (20th September) to The Houston Inn.

The fun starts at 3pm til late. Fancy dress is encouraged – even our Operations Manager will be getting in on the act!